3" Felted Bowl in Sunset Swirl September 14, 2012 14:38

We have a new product, Sunset Swirl Felted Bowl Kit, now available on our website.  This kit contains all of the supplies needed to make a needle felted 3” bowl in just a few hours or less.  The wool roving is shaped around the 3” Styrofoam ball by continual poking with a felting needle.  The poking binds the wool fibers together and the Styrofoam creates the shape of the bowl.  If there are some “thin” spots, simply lay more wool over the area and slowly poke into place.  Detailed instructions demonstrate how to remove the felted bowl from the Styrofoam.  The Sunset Swirl wool roving is in limited supply for now.  We will be adding more bowl kits in different colors and designs in the near future.  Let us know if you have any colors you would like to see!