What is a felting needle? March 26, 2013 17:34

What makes a felting needle different than other needles?  Felting needles are about 3” long and have almost invisible barbs at their points.  These barbs help bind the wool together as the wool is poked with the needle.  Felting needles come in various sizes with either a triangular or star point.   A triangular point has three sides and a star point has four sides.  Star points are ideal for quick felting.  The sizes (gauge) offered by Purl & Loop range from 36 to 42.  The 36 gauge triangular point needles are ideal for deep felting and felting with coarse wool. The 38 star point is ideal for deep felting, felting with coarse and quick felting due to the barbs on four sides.  The 40 and 42 gauge needles are ideal for fine finishing details.  Purl & Loop offers a variety of sizes and all of the needles come in a protective case.