DIY Woven Earrings on our Round Weaver Looms! March 19, 2018 20:15

Did you know? You can make earrings from our Round Weavers! Here we have some finished Round Weavers using Sue Spargo threads and Trebizond silk.

Here's how to make your own pair of DIY woven earrings:

For hardware, we used 4 jump rings 8mm wide and 2 lever back closures.  We like lever backs because it feels most secure to us.  Plus, the fish hook closures tend to tickle.

Using jewelry pliers, open up the 4 jump rings just wide enough to fit around one of the warp holes on the 1” Round Weaver.  We found there was room for the warp thread and the jump ring on the 1” Round Weavers.

Place a jump ring around a hole on the Round Weaver and close the jump ring with your jewelry pliers.  

Then place the second jump ring around the first jump ring and add the lever back closure.

To do something similar with the larger round weavers, you need to have a larger first jump ring.  You may even need to drill a hole to accommodate a jump ring above the woven work.  In cases where you do not have a larger jump ring or access to a drill, we suggest getting creative with flexible wire.

We will be launching jewelry making Round Weaver kits in the late spring so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to know when they will be available!  

Little Baby Nesting Owls June 10, 2014 17:15

Just wanted to share this photo of these tiny little nesting owls.  They were inspired after a conversation with the owner of Nesting in the Heights LLC.  These little guys are just miniature variations of the owls from our kits.  The "nest" is a variation of our needle felted bowl kits.

Needle Felted Bowl Video Tutorial February 07, 2014 18:31 1 Comment

We are so excited to launch our new needle felted bowl tutorial.  We hope this inspires folks to try needle felting once they see how simple and quick this project can be.


This video demonstrates how to get started with the wool roving and foam ball and all the way to finishing with the dots.  No fingers were hurt during the production of this video!


But, we did not create this without some incredible help from our professional video editor and Audrey Pearl.  Below, Audrey is hard at work last night putting the finishing touches on the video.  


Audrey Pearl hard at work for Purl & Loop


Audrey Pearl is requesting these bowls be made into food bowl size......


Icy Java, Court Jester, Pebble and Nuts Over Olives

3" Felted Bowl in Sunset Swirl September 14, 2012 14:38 1 Comment

We have a new product, Sunset Swirl Felted Bowl Kit, now available on our website.  This kit contains all of the supplies needed to make a needle felted 3” bowl in just a few hours or less.  The wool roving is shaped around the 3” Styrofoam ball by continual poking with a felting needle.  The poking binds the wool fibers together and the Styrofoam creates the shape of the bowl.  If there are some “thin” spots, simply lay more wool over the area and slowly poke into place.  Detailed instructions demonstrate how to remove the felted bowl from the Styrofoam.  The Sunset Swirl wool roving is in limited supply for now.  We will be adding more bowl kits in different colors and designs in the near future.  Let us know if you have any colors you would like to see!