Comparing Rowan Yarns September 03, 2013 16:59

We really fell in love with the Dovetail Cowl pattern by Carina Spencer and decided to try it with two different yarns.  For both projects, we knit the small version with US 7 needles.  The pattern also gives the knitter the option to knit a version with a rolled edge and one without the rolled edge.  The first one was knit with Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Organic 178 and without the rolled edge. 


The pattern called for approximately 220 yards of worsted weight yarn and each skein of All Seasons Cotton is approximately 98 yards.  To complete the pattern with All Seasons Cotton, we used about 2 ½ skeins of yarn. This met our expectations.  A photo of the finished cowl made with Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Organic is below.



Our next version used Rowan Belle Organic DK in Garnet 021.  The Belle Organic DK balls are each approximately 98 yards and we expected to need three balls of this yarn to finish the project.  Also, we decided to add the rolled edge to the top and bottom of the cowl and that meant 10 more rows of knitting than was done in the All Seasons Cotton version.  What a pleasant surprise when we ended up using only two balls of yarn and had about 1/3 of a ball leftover.  See this version below.



We will have this yarn and the pattern available for sale at the Georgia Quilt Show.  We had a lot of fun knitting these two projects and our Audrey Pearl loves to model them.  Her going rate is one triangle of Laughing Cow Cream Cheese per photo so she brings a lot of value to Purl & Loop in the model department.