DIY Woven Earrings on our Round Weaver Looms! March 19, 2018 20:15

Did you know? You can make earrings from our Round Weavers! Here we have some finished Round Weavers using Sue Spargo threads and Trebizond silk.

Here's how to make your own pair of DIY woven earrings:

For hardware, we used 4 jump rings 8mm wide and 2 lever back closures.  We like lever backs because it feels most secure to us.  Plus, the fish hook closures tend to tickle.

Using jewelry pliers, open up the 4 jump rings just wide enough to fit around one of the warp holes on the 1” Round Weaver.  We found there was room for the warp thread and the jump ring on the 1” Round Weavers.

Place a jump ring around a hole on the Round Weaver and close the jump ring with your jewelry pliers.  

Then place the second jump ring around the first jump ring and add the lever back closure.

To do something similar with the larger round weavers, you need to have a larger first jump ring.  You may even need to drill a hole to accommodate a jump ring above the woven work.  In cases where you do not have a larger jump ring or access to a drill, we suggest getting creative with flexible wire.

We will be launching jewelry making Round Weaver kits in the late spring so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to know when they will be available!  

Take a quick minute for yourself each day with one of our FREE weaving patterns! November 16, 2017 17:05 1 Comment

We're heading into the busiest season of the year, and some days it can feel like you don't have any time for yourself.  We're here to help with that:  grab one of our Minute Weaver looms and take just a few moments a day to relax and unwind with a quick and simple creative project.  

Looking for inspiration?  We have some free weaving patterns to help you get started!

Our Minute Weaver pincushion is a fast and simple project that makes a great gift for all the craft folks on your holiday list!  Use up some of your yarn or thread stash in your most inspirational colors and pair it with some fabric and stuffing to make a gift that's both pretty and practical.  

Click here for the FREE Minute Weaver pincushion pattern!






Remember Making Doll Accessories? August 21, 2013 15:07

When I was very young and before becoming self-conscious about being called "Suzy Homemaker" in those mildly condescending tones, I loved to sew by hand.  My grandmother owned her on cleaning and tailoring business in Chicago and some folks in the area might remember Rosa's Cleaning and Tailors on Belmont.  I usually stayed with her one or two weeks out of every summer and spent a good of my time in her shop.  I was in awe of all the colors of thread and endless scraps of colorful fabrics.  I was intimidated by machines but I did learn to sew Barbie Doll clothes by hand.  I made great use of mini rubber bands for elastic waist bands on skirts, colored thread to create cross stitch designs on tiny pillows and rick rack for purse and bag straps.  Other than pillows, home decorating for dolls never crossed my mind.  I grew older and learned that being called "Suzy Homemaker" was not always meant as a compliment.  I put away the dolls and allowed my sewing and needle craft skills stagnate and recede for many years until experiencing a creative volcanic eruption and launching Purl & Loop in early 2012.  How I regret those lost years of creativity but I am trying to make up for them today.  Now, with these little "coasters" from the mini loom, I can only imagine what a Barbie Doll house filled with handmade "carpets" would look like.  What a great use for those leftover bits of yarn just too precious to throw away.  Instead of life size human projects, those leftovers can translate into beautiful home decorating for doll houses.  I don't have Barbie Dolls anymore but I do accumulate the little whimsical creatures made from the Woolbuddy needle felting kits and they now have a magic carpet.


These little frogs are holding on tight for a magic carpet ride.......


This little sheep is enjoying the comforts of his own fiber.....


Mini Looms Continued August 20, 2013 17:32

We finished our project and just want to show you the rest of the photos.  After we finished weaving the coaster, we flipped over the loom and cut the back yarn in the middle and then lifted the coaster off the loom.  To secure the ends, we tied two fringe pieces together.  At the end of one side, we had a two fringe pieces and a tail left to secure.  We tied the last fringe piece with the tail and then tied that piece to the second to last fringe piece.  We repeated this on the other side and then cut down the fringe pieces to about 1 1/2 inches or so on each side.  We really love how the colors of this yarn displayed.  

Mini Weaving Looms August 19, 2013 18:50