Little Baby Nesting Owls June 10, 2014 17:15

Just wanted to share this photo of these tiny little nesting owls.  They were inspired after a conversation with the owner of Nesting in the Heights LLC.  These little guys are just miniature variations of the owls from our kits.  The "nest" is a variation of our needle felted bowl kits.

The Sassy Acorn Custom Made Wool Bowl June 01, 2014 16:30

This 100% wool (8.5 ounces) bowl is approximately 5" wide and 2 1/2" deep. We hand needle felted this precious creation in about 8-10 hours. We then hand sewed a Purl & Loop tag to the bottom. Is anyone interested in a custom made bowl like this for $165 (includes $15 for shipping) of $150 if you pick it up at our studio? We have the wool to make 2, possibly 3, more bowls and they will take about 2-3 weeks to create. If you are interested, just send us your email address, name, mailing address, phone number, and if you want it shipped or will pick up and we will send you an electronic invoice. That's it, no other action steps required.







For those of you who have purchased one of our needle felted bowl kits, taken one of our classes, or seen our needle felted bowl video tutorial, you can easily make this on your own.   You will need:


  • SMOOTH 5” foam ball (like Styrofoam) from your local craft store for shaping
  • 8.5 ounces wool roving or batting plus additional colors for the flowers
  • Felting needles
  • Optional: multi-needle felting tool


Unlike our instructions in our kits or on the video, we did not go all the way up to the halfway line on the foam ball when we started the process. We wanted a shallower bowl so we started felting the wool about 1” from that line.


Once about 25% of the base wool was used, we started working with the multi-needle felting tool and the process sped up considerably. We find that sculpting with one single needle in the beginning is necessary to create a base. After that the multi needle tool is very effective. At the end, we tidy up everything with the single needle again.


We then added the flowers just like we add the dots in our instructions and on our video. We admit, it took several attempts to achieve the desirable shapes but after awhile, creating the flowers became very easy. We now have a unique business card or car key holder!

My Felted Herdy needle felting kits March 20, 2013 18:33

We have these new My Felted Herdy needle felting kits just in from the UK.  The kit contains wool, felting needles and photo instructions. We tested one out this past weekend and made this little gal.  She still needs a name and buddies.  We understand sheep like buddies so  we are working on getting one for her.  This kit is a bit different than our other needle felting kits.  Herdy uses a rustic wool yarn for the main body shape unlike typical wool roving.  The yarn is poked with the needle just like we would do with more typical wool roving.  The kit indicates it takes about 8 hours to complete but we finished in about 4 hours.  The illustrations were helpful for making the feet but we struggled a bit with the head and ears.  However, we like our gal a bit unique.


Learning about sheep and wool in Ireland July 30, 2012 16:24

On a recent trip to Ireland, we were able to check out Killary Sheep Farm where we received a personal tour and demonstration from the owner, Tom Nee, and his trusty border collie, Sweep.  Sweep showed us how he herds sheep and what a typical working day is like for him.  Tom gave a shearing demonstration and we were able to bottle-feed the lambs.  Killary Sheep Farm is located near Leenane in Galway County and it overlooks a spectacular fjord.  Leenane, in the Connemara area in Galway County, also boasts the Sheep and Wool Centre.  The Sheep and Wool museum offers insight to the rich history of Connemara’s sheep and wool industry.  Check it out at