Meet the Swatch Maker Looms January 27, 2016 15:01

Weaving is everywhere! The rising popularity of simple frame looms has folks looking for more tools. The new Swatch Maker looms from Purl and Loop let you explore new ideas with very little risk before investing time and yarn in setting up a larger loom. Simply slip a Swatch Maker loom in your bag and you can take weaving with you wherever you go. It's a sketchpad for your yarn!

Most frame looms in the market today are primarily designed for tapestry weaving and mostly available in wide spacings of 6 ends per inch or less, limiting the yarn size you can use. With new manufacturing technology, it is now possible to create simple frame looms with closer warp spacings. The Swatch Maker Looms' clever construction allows the weaver to swatch virtually any sized yarn!

Sett is the weaver's gauge. It is expressed as warp ends per inch. For instance, a sett of 8 has 8 warp ends per inch. The Swatch Maker Looms are designed to mimic the most popular setts for weaving, ranging from 4–24 ends per inch.

Meet the Swatch Maker Looms

Weavers can now easily test their sett, sample color combos, and evaluate finishing techniques. Handspinners can test their handspun without fear of wasting precious yarn and be sure they are spinning the right grist for their project. Add a pick-up stick and the weaver can create any structure they want. The little swatches are satisfying as they are even if they never grow up to be something larger.

“The Swatch Maker Looms have dramatically changed the way I work” said weaver Liz Gipson of Yarnworker who collaborated with Purl & Loop in developing these looms. “Sampling is no longer a dirty word!”

The Swatch Maker Loom is available in two styles: The Swatch Maker and Swatch Maker 3-in-1.

Swatch Maker Looms

The Swatch Maker looms are warped via slots spaced in three setts—8, 10, and 12. These are the most popular setts for rigid heddle weavers—one of the fastest growing and most popular segments of the loom market. You can skip or double thread slots to achieve a sett range of 4–24! These looms are available individually or as a set of three.

The Swatch Maker Looms are made of a creamy acrylic that has a translucent white matte finish on the front and a glossy finish on the back. Included with the Swatch Maker Loom is an acrylic and metal tapestry needles, cotton carrying bag, and photo instructions. The loom measures approximately 7.5" x 6" and has a work space of approximately 5" x 6". The slots are raised .25'' from the base, making it easier to weave.

Swatch Maker 3-in-1 Loom

The Swatch Maker 3-in-1 is designed with a clever slot-and-hole constructions that allows the weaver to have all three setts on one loom—8, 10, and 12.

It is available in birch wood or creamy white matte acrylic. The loom measures approximately 9.25" x 6.5" and has a work space of approximately 6" x 7" along with a ruler on the side so the weaver can keep spacing consistent. The slot-and- hole assembly is raised .25'' from the base, making it easier to weave.

The Swatch Maker 3-in-1 Loom comes with a loom, an acrylic or wood tapestry needle, a metal tapestry needle, a threading needle, cotton carrying bag, and photo instructions.

The Swatch Maker Looms allow you to take your creativity anywhere.