Spice up your summer...check out how we created a patriotic striped woven bracelet! May 16, 2018 12:30 1 Comment

Courtney, our awesome customer relations person, was looking at all the beautiful colors we offer and wanted to make a bracelet for the upcoming holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day). Like many of you, she is not a weaver in the traditional sense but she helps make samples and does demos in our trade show booth.  If you'd like a fun & festive accessory to wear during the summer, this bracelet is just what you need!
Woven bracelet with Trebizond Silk threads in red, white and soldier blue
Because she envisioned stripes for this bracelet (like the American flag), Courtney wanted to try a new method of creating. Follow along with this tutorial so you can make your own!
Materials Needed:
- White thread - Trebizond Silk #125, 2 spools
- Red thread - Trebizond Silk #401, 1 spool
- Blue thread - Trebizond Silk #6468 Soldier Blue, 1 spool
- Bracelet findings (we used our birch bracelet findings for the sample)
tapestry needle for weaving
Ready to make your own DIY woven patriotic bracelet? Here we go:
Step 1: Warp the loom in white thread.
Step 2: Weave with the white thread for approximately 1".
Step 2: Divide the warp threads in thirds, and use each third to weave a separate stripe of red, white, and blue, consecutively. Continue this process for approximately 1"
Step 4: "Connect" the three pieces by weaving three rows horizontally in red, 3 in white, and 3 in blue.
Step 5: Repeat step 2, weaving in the vertical red, white, and blue sections for approximately 3 more inches.
Step 6: "Connect" again by weaving 3 rows red, 3 rows white, and 3 rows blue across all warp threads.
Step 7: Go back to the separated vertical stripes for 1".
Step 8: Finish with 1" of solid white.
Step 9: Weave in all ends. (Need help? We break it down in this tutorial video!)
Step 10: Finish the bracelet with birch bracelet findings (or another wood you prefer), and the accompanying hardware.
This project is a perfect festive bracelet for upcoming holiday barbeques or parties or to wear during the summer months. If you make one yourself, be sure to tag your project with #purlandloop so we can see it on social media!

DIY Woven Striped Bracelet April 9, 2018 13:06

If you've been wanting to make your own DIY woven bracelet using our bracelet loom, but you're not sure how to finish the woven piece once you get it off the loom, our latest video should clear that right up! We know many of you want to make beautiful, multicolored bracelets, but it's hard to know how to handle all those loose ends.

In our newest video, we demonstrate:

  • how to finish the ends of the bracelet with the warp threads so you don't have to cut and weave in all those ends or tie fringe
  • how to weave in the ends of the weft threads from the yarn color changes
  • how to attach bracelet findings to the woven piece to make the finished bracelet

The video will give you instructions for how to go from this:

woven bracelet mini loom in process with various colored threads by Kreinik

To this:

up close view woven bracelet mini loom with various colored threads by Kreinik

woven bracelet mini loom in process with various colored threads by Kreinik

woven bracelet mini loom hardware and various colored threads by Kreinik

Ready to give it a try? Watch the video below:


If you make your own DIY woven bracelet on a Purl & Loop Bracelet Loom, let us know! Share it on social media and be sure to tag us - we'd love to see your beautiful bracelet projects!

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