DIY Fashion: Make Your Own Woven Earrings with our Round Weaver Earring Kits! May 2, 2018 14:48

Looking for a quick project to satisfy your craving for an FO during the busy spring season? Our DIY earring kits are a great way to use up lightweight yarn or thread stash and make some awesomely creative jewelry at the same time!  

DIY earring kits come in a 1" and 2" sizes and are available in alder, birch and walnut

Each DIY woven earrings kit makes two sets of earrings, and comes with step by step photo instructions, making this a quick fix to inspire your creativity. 

DIY earrings in 2" and 1" sizes.  The 2" was varnished with a water based protective coating and it deepened the wood color. Trebizond and Sue Spargo threads.

These weavers come available in alder, birch and walnut to suit any style preference. 

DIY woven earrings kit Purl & Loop Round Weavers woven with Trebizond, Sue Spargo and yarn stash.

 Kits include:

  • 4 Jewelry Round Weavers (for 2 sets of earrings!)
  • Step by step photo instructions for making the Jewelry Round Weaver
  • Step by step photo instructions for attaching the hardware
  • 4 silver plate lever back clasps
  • 8 silver plate open jump rings
  • Tapestry needle for warping and weaving
  • Small cotton bag

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All you need is a pair of jewelry pliers to attach the hardware, and some gorgeous thread or fine-gauge yarn to weave with!

DIY 2" earrings with jewelry pliers.

Kit options:

  • one each 1" and 2" earrings
  • two 2" earrings
  • two 1" earrings
  • available in alder, walnut and birch 

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Need some beautiful threads?  Check out our Trebizond and Au Ver Soie Perlee threads!

DIY 2" in walnut woven with Trebizond and Au Ver Soie Perlee.

DIY 2" in alder woven with Trebizond and Sue Spargo thread.

These kits are produced in our Houston, Texas studio workshop using wood purchased from  local and Wisconsin suppliers. Materials used in hand finishing (such as sanding) are purchased from a local hardware store. Packaging, print materials, laser machine and supplies are purchased from U.S.A. businesses. 

(Due to the nature of the laser cutting process there may be some light scorch marks on the wood. There will also be slight wood variations.)

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