Choosing the Right Yarn or Thread for Weaving July 3, 2018 14:57 152 Comments

One of the things we get asked about a lot is which yarns & threads work best with our various loom models. We make our products to help you use up your own existing stash, so we want you to be able to confidently pair your leftover yarns and threads with your favorite Purl and Loop loom. Today's post is all about threads, yarns and Purl & Loop looms and weavers.


What do loom numbers mean?

The numbers at the end of a loom or weaver name reference the number of slots per inch in the loom itself. So for example, the Wee Weaver 4.0, 8.0, 10.0, and 12.0 are all the same physical size (dimensions), but the number of slots in each loom goes from 4 to 12, respectively. Minute Weavers, on the other hand, are numbered a little bit differently. The M8, F16, and EF20 models refer to the actual number of slots across the entire two-inch weaving space. So for example: M8 = medium, which has eight slots across two inches. F16 = fine, with 16 slots across two inches, while EF20 is extra fine, having 20 slots across two inches.


Terms to Know

warp = the yarn held taut on the loom (vertical in these photos) - Angela sometimes calls this the “grid yarn” - it stays in place while you weave

weft = the thread/yarn that goes over and under the warp


Here are some photos that we think will best demonstrate how various yarns & threads work with our looms:

This is our Wee Weaver 4.0 - the warp is a worsted weight yarn and the weft is a bulky yarn.

This is our Minute Weaver F16 with sock weight yarn for warp and weft.


This one is the Minute Weaver EF20 with Fine d’Aubusson wool embroidery thread for weft and fine wool thread for the warp.


For this set, the left is our Bracelet 12.0 loom with Wonderfil Razzle 100% Rayon thread for the warp and weft. On the right is our Bracelet 10.0 loom with Wonderfil Razzle for the warp and a wool fingering weight for the weft.


Here we've got a bracelet woven entirely with Kreinik metallic threads on a Bracelet 12.0 loom.


This is our 2 inch Alder Jewelry Round Weaver with Trebizond silk for warp and weft.  We used French knots to cover up the warp holes.


This is the 2 inch Alder Jewelry Round Weaver with sock weight yarn.


This is the 2 inch Alder Jewelry Round Weaver with combination of Trebizond silk for warp and some weft and Sue Spargo Eleganza Pearl Cotton #3.


And finally, the same 2 inch Alder Jewelry Round Weaver with combination of Kreinik thread and alpaca sock yarn.


The bottom line? If you like it, try it!

We weave with anything and we don’t pay too much attention to any rules.  We hope this post provides you with guidance in finding and using a loom that works best to help you blast through your stash!

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