Our Collaboration with Liz Gipson: The Yarnworker Collection March 5, 2019 09:10 11 Comments

As you probably know if you've ever read one of our blog posts or read one of our e-mails, here at Purl & Loop® we're on a mission to help yarn-lovers use up their stash with creative and fun products. As part of that mission, we love to partner with like-minded fiber folk who work hard in the industry every day to educate and empower fiber artists. That's why we're thrilled to be working with Liz Gipson!

Angela and Liz together at TNNA

Liz Gipson is the weaving instructor behind the Yarnworker school of weaving, an online school for developing rigid heddle know-how. She's also the author of two books: Weaving Made Easy and Handwoven Home. If you've been at all involved with the world of rigid heddle weaving, chances are you've already heard of Liz.


The Story

We began collaborating with Liz in the late summer of 2015: when Liz had a need for a particular type of loom, she reached out to the Purl & Loop team. We put our heads together and came up with ideas to help Liz weave smarter and to serve her Yarnworker community. In return, Liz provides us with loads of suggestions, feedback, and inspiration.

Originally, we made the looms and Liz sold them through her own website. However, as both our businesses grew, we spent a lot of time chatting about what it is that we do best. For Liz, it’s offering know-how to weavers; for us, it’s making looms. To allow each of us to do what we do best, we created this Yarnworker section so those of you who would normally buy products straight from Yarnworker will place your order with us instead. This allows Liz to spend more time creating content and us more time to make and ship looms. A substantial part of the purchase price is returned to Liz to help her create more weavers so we can make more looms!


The Looms

So what has this collaboration helped us to create? Quite a bit, actually! Take a look...

Yarnworker Swatch Maker 3-in-1 Portable Loom

This patented portable weaving loom allows the user to make 3 different swatches with 8 ends per inch (e.p.i.), 10 e.p.i and 12 e.p.i. all from one single portable loom.  This is a great way to test your fabric results before investing time in setting up a larger loom.  The acrylic loom has a translucent white matte finish on the front and a glossy finish on the back. Birch looms in this Yarnworker Store section are available with a Yarnworker logo or plain. Click here to get one of these looms!


Yarnworker Swatch Maker Looms

The Swatch Maker 8.0, 10.0 and 12.0  mini weaving looms were created to complement the Swatch Maker 3-in-1 weaving loom.  For those preferring to make swatches using prongs versus threading holes, these looms are for you.  The Swatch Maker 8.0, 10.0 and 12.0 have 8 ends per inch (E.P.I.), 10 E.P.I and 12 E.P.I. respectively. The looms are now available in a creamy translucent acrylic or in Baltic birch. The loom comes with color photo instructions, birch/acrylic tapestry needle, a small metal tapestry needle for the smaller and tighter areas of the project and a cotton carrying bag. You will need yarn, scissors and a fork or weaving comb for aligning weft. These looms are available individually or as a set of three.


Yarnworker Sett Checker

This little birch sett checker is a great tool for imagining how your warp yarn will look all warped up on your loom.  This 5” x 1” tool has three built in sett options…….8, 10 and 12 ends per inch (epi). This allows you to quickly compare one sett with another.  This is made in our Houston, Texas studio workshop with wood purchased from a local vendor.

Check out our How to Use the Sett Checker for more creative inspiration, and then pick up your sett checker here!


A Weaver's Guide to Swatching book

Swatching makes it easy to try out your ideas risk-free and unleash your creativity in new and wonderful ways. A Weaver’s Guide to Swatching will help you tap into your inner designer and make you a better, smarter, and more joyful weaver. If you are unsure what yarn to use or how your colors will work, this method will help you gain confidence.

This book outlines the purpose of making a swatch and how to create tiny weavings on a frame loom, specifically a Swatch Maker Loom, which comes in the setts weavers use. The information applies to any frame loom, or you can use the same method to make small weavings on the loom you already use, to test your ideas before you warp up a large project.

Want your own copy? You can find it right here in our shop.


Click here to read more about our collaboration with Liz Gipson and to view the entire Purl and Loop Yarnworker collection in one place! 

TNNA Winter 2019 Highlights February 22, 2019 12:12 2 Comments

We just got back from the Winter 2019 TNNA show, and as always - it was amazing! This was the second winter show to take place in a hotel format - this year we were in Portland, OR.  Next year we'll be closer to our home base as the show will be in Austin, Texas Jan 23-26, 2020.