Valentine's Day DIY Home Decor Tutorial February 8, 2018 16:02

Love is in the air with our Display Trees and Round Weavers...

Did you know?

Our wood trees are great for year-round decorating! All you need is a little craft paint and some seasonally-inspired yarn or thread, and you're all set to whip up a quick decoration for any time of the year!

Want to make your own? Follow our easy Valentine's Day home decor tutorial and we'll show you how!

Supplies needed:
- Purl & Loop Wood Display Trees 
- acrylic paint
- foam brush
- soap for cleaning brush between colors
- round weavers

Step 1: Choose your paint

Since it is February, we decided to go with traditional Valentine red, pink and white. (We picked up our acrylic paint from Texas Art Supply, right here in Houston.)

Step 2: Paint the trees

We used a foam brush to apply the paint in smooth, even strokes.

Step 3: Sand the nooks and crannies

Because the paint adds some thickness to the wood, it may become a tight fit to put the trees together. To work around this, we used sandpaper to sand the openings just a bit wider so the trees would slide into place as easily as they do without any paint.

Step 4: Decorate!

We hung 1” and 2” Round Weavers from our tree, but you can experiment with different sizes, mini ornaments, or other handmade items!


Ready to get started?

Click here to purchase your own wood display trees and round weavers to make your own decor display for Valentine's Day or any time of the year!