The power of a simple kit: Our favorite embroidery kits October 3, 2018 11:42 2 Comments

In May 2008, I was a volunteer-aholic and an overworked real estate agent. Wanting to quiet my brain and not be reachable by cell phone, Mr. Purl & Loop and I took a road trip to West Texas. We glamped in Big Bend and finished up our trip in Marfa. We walked into a gallery and there was a basket of the most adorable crewel kits ever by Wool & Hoop, along with a book by Wool & Hoop’s founder, Katherine Shaughnessy.  Katherine closed Wool & Hoop in July 2018 but the impact lives on. I completed one of Wool & Hoop’s darling crewel kits on the 10 hour drive back home to Houston. 

It was during that trip, I decided that somehow I would find a way to create a modern needle craft business. The little kit brought me so much joy and I had hoped I could create a business that would do the same. Purl & Loop as it is today was not even a figment of my imagination but that little embroidery kit was a spark.

Over the years since, I visited many independent yarn and craft related stores and attended numerous quilting and knitting shows. I can’t resist buying small embroidery kits. I don’t necessarily have time to start them, much less finish them, but they have a special drawer in my home studio. Just opening the drawer brings me joy. All the possibilities!

As the holiday season is coming up, I thought some of these kits (or perhaps others by the designers) might be great gifts for folks who love needle crafts or may just be the spark that starts a life long love of needle crafts.

So today, I'm rounding up my favorite kits and kit makers, and I hope you'll find as much inspiration in their work as I have! 

Just to be transparent: none of these kit-makers have paid me or sent me free products in exchange for these mentions; I purchased each kit at full retail price. I just really love these kits, and I wanted to share it with our followers!

Purl Soho’s Poppy Garden Embroidery and Mini Sampler embroidery kits.
I picked these two up on a visit to Purl Soho last fall.  The Poppy Garden embroidery comes in a handy kraft tube filled with vibrant wool felt, floss, pins and such as well as an amazing instruction booklet.  The Mini Sampler comes with fabric, floss, beads, needles, hoop, amazing instructions for 3 designs and much more.


DIY Embroidery Kit by Cozyblue
I was drawn to the fresh colors and clean lines.  I picked this up at Craft South while attending the Bookhou class there this past August.


The Enchanted Garden by Christel Gouze for Un Chatd dans l’aigille 
I picked this up from Brooklyn Haberdashery. I met the founder, Kristin Axtman, at TNNA this past June. Her booth of cuteness was overwhelmed with visitors and she likely has no recollection of us but her products made an impression on us. Sweet colors and design make this kit so precious.


Cute as a Button by Susan Wojciechowski for Eweniversity
Not only do we love weaving with Sue Spargo’s threads but we love following her vibrant colors and wool applique designs. When we saw she was carrying these Cute as a Button kits we immediately bought one. Just looking at the colors brings a boost of happiness. Our booth at Quilt Market in Houston will be across from Sue Spargo and Susan Wojciechowski will be teaching at Market. Her class filled up before we could sign up but we hope we get to meet her!


French General Embroidery Sampler
We picked up this Embroidery Sampler Kit from French General while exhibiting at QuiltCon. We loved chatting with Kaari Meng and her sister Molly and we have become regular followers of French General. This little kit comes with the pre-printed fabric pattern, a cute little hoop and some floss.


Hola Llama cross stitch kit by Crafty Like a Fox
I love llamas so I had to have this This Hola Llama cross stitch kit by Crafty Like a Fox when I came across it at Craft South’s booth at QuiltCon. The packaging makes it easy to store your work in progress.


Kiriki Embroidery Stitch Sampler
I saw this Embroidery Stitch Sampler by Kiriki while visiting Nina Chicago. The little acorn and Fall leaves drew me in anticipation of lovely Fall weather.


Bunny on Scooter by Sewing Bird
When I attended Craftcation in the Spring of 2018, they had a pop up retail shop set up and I stumbled on this cute little Bunny on Scooter by Sewing Bird. The face was so sweet and of course, who doesn’t love looking at bunnies on scooters?


Cat Stitch Kit by Nancy Nicholson
This kit was a surprise when I found it in my kit drawer. I know I would have bought it because I love a cat with an attitude. The kit comes in handy teeny cotton bag for carrying your work in progress. The bag even has a design printed on it that could be used for another embroidery project.


Cross Stitch Sheep Kit by Red Gate Stitchery
I love sheep because they are a source of so much of the material we needle crafters work with. This Cross Stitch Sheep kit by Red Gate Stitchery is a special favorite because Red Gate Stitchery has been such a friend to Purl & Loop over the years. Susan Fitzgerald designs her cross stitch kits with such love and this little sheep is just plain sweetness. Everything you need except for scissors is included in the kit.


We hope these kits and their makers might be a source of inspiration for you as much as they are for us.  We love that warm and fuzzy feeling whenever we look at our drawer of opportunity!