Sue Spargo Eleganza Perle Cotton Embellishment Thread


We are super excited to be offering some Sue Spargo embellishment threads.  We have been big fans and admirers of the Sue Spargo team for years and we are beyond thrilled to work with her threads on our little portable looms.  The Eleganza Perle cotton collection is also a great alternative for those who may find working with wool a bit itchy.

Eleganza is made from 100% Giza 88, the highest caliber extra long staple Egypitian cotton.  The result is a thread of extreme softness, strength and luster.  It is double gassed and mercerized to eliminate the buildup of lint and snub.  The color palette is bright and saturated with a unique line of variegates which contain extra short variegations in order to provide rapid color change on small scale designs.  Perfect for working with our little portable looms!

Note:  This listing is for one single spool

Material:  100% Long Staple Double-Gassed Egyptian Cotton 

Weights:  5wt and 3wt (8wt not available in our webshop at this time)


  • 5wt – 40 yd (37m) spool
  • 3wt – 30 yd (27m) spool


  • 5wt works well with our Pendant Weaving discs, 10 and 12 epi Bracelet Looms, Round Weavers, 12 epi Swatch Makers, 12 epi Wee Weavers and 10 epi Minute Weavers.
  • 3wt works well with our Circle Looms, 10 epi Bracelet Looms, 8 epi Swatch Makers, 8 epi Wee Weavers and 8 epi Minute Weavers.

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