Round Weaver Ornament Packs


The Round Weavers are meant to be pieces of art and are made for one time use. The finished piece is woven in the round and remains framed within the Round Weaver.  The smaller ones (1" and 2") make great ornaments for our Purl & Loop® birch wood trees (sold separately). Check out our Wood Display Trees with Round Weavers for special combined pricing.  

The Round Weavers are perfect for using up fine yarn or embroidery thread stash.  On the back of the Round Weaver we etch the diameter and the number of holes as well as the steps to start the warping process.  For example a 3.37 = 3" diameter with 37 holes.  We indicate where to start steps 1-4 of the warping process and this corresponds with our step by step photo instructions.  

The amount of thread needed to finish will depend entirely on how loose or tight you weave and the thickness of your threads.  Below are the indications for how much thread you need for warping:

  • 2.19 (2" diameter, 19 holes) = approximately 50"
  • 1.11 (1" diameter, 11 holes) = approximately 20

Small Ornament Packs include  five each 1" and 2" Round Weavers


 Package includes:

  • step by step photo instructions
  • one tapestry needle for warping the holes
  • one cotton carrying bag

Other Materials needed:   threads or fine yarns, scissors, optional additional tapestry needle size 22 or finer, optional fabric glue

These Round Weaver Art Looms are laser cut in our Houston, Texas studio with wood purchased from a Houston or U.S.A. vendor.

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