Sale! Round Weaver Stand Feet

$14.99 $24.00

The Round Weaver Art Looms can be displayed on a wall or freestanding. We created these little loom stand feet for a freestanding display. These feet are approximately 2” x ½” x 1/8” each. They have a slightly angled slot for holding the Round Weaver and the angle makes the finished Round Weaver stand up straight. This package comes with 12 individual feet that can be glued together for a variety of display options. Instructions included. Since these feet are laser cut, there will be heat marks from the laser cutting process. Wood is unfinished and there may be variations.  Regular or wood glue will be needed. Available in alder, birch and maple.

These are laser cut in our Houston, Texas studio with wood purchased from a Houston or U.S.A. supplier.  

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