Square Stash Blaster® Loom


This square Stash Blaster®  weaving loom measures approximately 7" x 6 1/2" and yields a finished weaving project of about 6" square.  The size refers to the ends per inch (e.p.i).  The materials for these looms are sourced in Houston, TX and the looms are handmade in our Houston studio. The looms come with color photo instructions, tapestry needle, small metal tapestry needle and a cotton carrying bag.  This is a great way to use up yarn, ribbon or fabric stash.  Optional accessories are pick up stick, 3" weaving comb and shuttle.  

Note:  The Stash Blaster® 5 and 8 epi have the same dimensions but a different number of slots (e.p.i) per inch. Keep in mind you may warp every other prong on the 8 epi for a gauge of 4 epi.  


  • Warp requires 10 yards of any weight or thickness (as long as it fits in the grooves) yarn, string, fabric strip or ribbon
  • Weft uses about 13-15 yards of DK weight yarn (depends on how tightly one weaves)
  • Weft can also use about 2 yards of 7/16" ribbon or fabric strips
  • Weft requirements will vary depending on the width and/or thickness of material used

Check out our video tutorial!


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