Sale! Recharges - Round Weaver Art Loom

$9.99 $20.00

So you’ve played with our Round Weaver Art Loom Nesters and now you know what size Round Weaver you would like to work with. Since the Round Weavers are designed for one time use, we are making it easy to continue producing gorgeous and creative wall art, ornaments and decorations to your heart’s desire with these Recharges.  These recharges come in all sizes and are available in packages of 3. Package contains three Round Weavers in one single size (for example, three 3" Round Weavers) and instructions.  

These are laser cut in our Houston, Texas studio with wood purchased from a Houston or U.S.A. supplier.  There will be some heat marks from the laser cutting process.  Wood variations may occur.

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