Yarnworker Collection

 Purl & Loop® and Liz Gipson of Yarnworker began collaborating in the late summer of 2015. When Liz had a need for a particular type of loom, she reached out to the Purl & Loop team. We put our heads together and came up with ideas to help Liz weave smarter and to serve her Yarnworker community. In return, Liz provides us with loads of suggestions, feedback, and inspiration.

As both our businesses grew, we spent a lot of time chatting about what it is that we do best. For Liz, it’s offering know-how to weavers; for us, it’s making looms. To allow each of us to do what we do best, we created this Yarnworker section so those of you who would normally buy products straight from Yarnworker will place your order with us instead. This allows Liz to spend more time creating content and us more time to make and ship looms. A substantial part of the purchase price is returned to Liz to help her create more weavers so we can make more looms!


More of the Story

Purl & Loop has been customizing products for Yarnworker since the spring of 2016.  That process involved us receiving orders from Liz, making the looms, adding customizations, and handling the administrative work associated with shipping the product to Yarnworker.  Then Yarnworker handled the administrative work associated with receiving the product, then shipping it out to her amazing supporters. 

 We realized that we were duplicating our efforts and that duplication distracted each of us from doing what we do best. In Liz’s case, that is developing the online school, creating content and materials for her supporters, and being an amazing source of weaving inspiration. In Purl & Loop’s case, it is the coordination of manufacturing and assembly of products, setting them up on our ecommerce site, planning and maintaining inventory levels, handling the entire order fulfillment process, and handling any shipping or damaged product issues.

 In the spirit of our continued collaboration, we decided to streamline this process. Purl & Loop now does order fulfillment for Yarnworker on our products, allowing you to order a wider range of our tools with customization. This gives Liz more time to focus on creating the know-how to make more weavers.


Refund and exchange policy

Due to the artisanal nature of our business, we do not provide refunds.  However, we want you to be happy with your product!  If you are truly unhappy, and your product is intact and unused, we can make an exchange or provide a store credit with a 15% restocking fee.  Please email info@purlandloop.com for additional details.