About Purl & Loop

Purl & Loop specializes in needlecraft kits and supplies with a focus on needle felting and weaving. Purl & Loop is the creator of the Stash Blaster® and the new patent pending Swatch Maker 3-in-1 weaving looms. The Purl & Loop studio is housed in an East Downtown (EaDo) within an artist community. It is here where all our products are created, assembled and hand finished. Our trusty laser cutting machine cranks out all of our creative ideas and allows us to adapt quickly to manufacturing demands. The materials we use for our products are sourced from Houston based businesses whenever possible or purchased from U.S. and other North American suppliers. Our products are available to the public via our website and they can also be found in independent quilting, yarn and weaving shops across the country.

Four people and two dogs staff our small studio.  All human staff is paid a living wage and canine staff receives deluxe housing and organic food and treats.  Hector hand assembles, sands and varnishes the wood looms.  Our newest team member, Martha, helps sand and varnishes any of our wood products and is training to operate the laser machine. Our longest serving canine team members are Audrey Pearl and Hank. They served as companions to Angela when she operated from her 100 sq ft home studio and they now serve as honorary studio assistants in our much larger space.


Angela Laswell Smith, Founder with Audrey Pearl, Studio Assistant

Angela founded Purl & Loop in 2012 and serves as Creative Director.  She grew up in Springfield, Illinois, received her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and her MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She lives with her husband Mark W, dogs Audrey Pearl and Hank and cats Neiman and Ranger Sam.  Her best creative inspirations come from traveling in West Texas, specifically the Big Bend region.  When her mind is overactive with creativity, usually in the middle of the night, she reads mystery novels........she averages about one per week.


Hector, Manufacturing Assembler

Hector glues almost all of our looms.  He has an exquisite hand for detail and keeps us current almost all the time on all our loom orders.  He was the first permanent human member of the Purl & Loop team.  When not working in our studio, he is hard at work at his other job in the produce department of a local grocery store.


Missy Bosch, Studio Assistant

Missy operates the laser machine, generates graphic design files from our ideas, fulfills orders, packages our products and travels with Angela to trade shows.  Missy is a collage artist and maintains her own studio within the same building as Purl & Loop. She is the designer and creator of a unique sewing cradle and she manufactures that product on a laser machine as well.  Her artistic sense and ideas are invaluable to the success of our company.  

Martha Pirtle, Studio Assistant

Martha operates the laser, packages product and handles some of our order fulfillment. When Martha is not working in our studio, she is either working at a downtown Houston bar or she is cosplaying characters from League of Legends.  She makes costumes that bring her favorite League of Legends characters to life.  She is developing quite a reputation for her skills and we are enjoying watching her popularity grow as she travels across the globe participating in ESports trade show events.



Jonathan Arriola, Studio Assistant

Jonathan is a student at University of Houston studying computer science.  He sands all of our wood and does most of the varnishing.  He also helps us with the Houston International Quilt Festival and is fantastic at running our cash register at shows.  He is the first in his immediate family to attend college and we are proud to help him with schedule flexibility so he is able to maintain his "A" average in his major.