Purl & Loop Weaving Project

Research demonstrates there are many benefits of crafting for both young people and adults.  Just some of these benefits include developing fine motor skills, increasing dexterity, improving hand-eye coordination, boosting self-esteem, encouraging self-expression, socialization, promoting innovation and creativity, enhancing decision making skills, improving memory and teaching flexibility and building community.  We here at Purl & Loop believe the world might be a better place if more people were exposed to these benefits.  We want to do our bit to help bring the opportunity to experience these benefits to more people.  Most especially, we want to help groups or organizations that may serve a population where participating in crafts may be beyond their means. 

 For this reason, Purl & Loop is creating the Purl & Loop Weaving Project.  Once a month, we will give away up to 25 Wee Weavers 4 sett to a teacher, leader or organization who can demonstrate how they will use these products to expand weaving to a population that might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a fiber craft.  We selected the Wee Weaver because of its palm sized cuteness and includes all the little tools that make weaving fun and easy to do.  The 4 sett means a small square project can be completely finished in under 2 hours when the participant uses a bulky yarn.  We believe the Wee Weaver touches on all the listed benefits above, when used in a group setting. 

 Purl & Loop will provide the Wee Weavers along with shipping within the US, at no cost to the recipient.  Purl & Loop is not a yarn seller and we suggest you have access to bulky yarn.  However, if that is not option, please reach out to us so we can help find a way to provide the yarn.

Purl & Loop, along with some dedicated helpers, will review all applications received throughout each month and recipients will be notified by the 15th or earlier of the following month. For example, if applications accepted throughout April, the recipients will be notified by May 15.  As a special bonus, recipients who send photos (hopefully with hands at work) and tag us in social media will be entered into a drawing for a $75 Purl & Loop gift card. The drawing will take place every six months.

 If you are interested, please complete this form and email (no phone calls please)  to info@purlandloop.com.

 Any questions, please email us (no phone calls please) at:  info@purlandloop.com


Recipients beginning with inception in April 2019:

April 2019: Pamela Palma on behalf of Avitiv Pam Nan (My Haiti) in Miami, FL and Marissa Panayiotides of Family Learning Center in Kennewick, WA