Sale! 10 Inch Portable Square Frame Weaving Loom

$44.99 $60.00

These portable square weaving looms are full of cuteness and inspiration.  The loom structure measures 10”x 10” with a 8”x 8” weaving space.  The open back enables users to create more detailed weavings and easily make changes of color throughout the weaving project.  The laser cut looms consists of two 1/8” birch looms hand-glued together for greater strength and then hand-finished with a protective water-based varnish.  The looms come with solid wood maple accessories (tapestry needle, shuttle, pick up stick and weaving comb) and birch shape makers.  The available options (referred to as sizes in this listing) are 6, 8, 10, and 12 setts or ends per inch (e.p.i.). The e.p.i, also called sett, refers to the number of slots per inch.  For example, 6 e.p.i. will accommodate a slightly thicker or bulkier yarn.  As the e.p.i. gets larger, the yarn or thread it accommodates becomes smaller.  For example, the 12 e.p.i. might use embroidery floss or thread.

 Three sizes (8’, 10”, and 12”) and 4 setts (6, 8, 10, and 12 ends per inch) are available separately.

 Loom package includes:

  • Square Frame Loom
  • step-by-step photo instructions
  • solid maple tapestry needle, shuttle, pick up stick, and weaving comb
  • metal tapestry needle
  • birch shape makers (circle, square, and triangle)
  • small cotton accessory bag

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