Mug Rug Pillow Pattern


The Mug Rug Pillow is a great way to use the mug rugs and coasters generated from your Stash Blaster® looms.  You can also use your own creativity to modify the pattern to work with the Stash Blaster® Placemat loom, Wee Weaver™ and Minute Weaver™ looms.  We hope this inspires you to tap into all your weavabilities!

Simply click here to download this complimentary Mug Rug Pillow pattern. NOTE:  You do NOT have to go through the checkout process to obtain this complimentary pattern.

Our patterns are designed to complement our Purl & Loop looms.  All of our products are made in our Houston studio.  We source as many of our materials as possible from Houston businesses and when that is not possible, from U.S. and North American businesses.   We also pay a living wage to our staff.  Thank you for choosing a Purl & Loop product and supporting a USA made business.

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