Packing Needles (Curved Points)


These 6" metal packing  needles by John James come with a little gauge stick to assist with determining warp thread thickness.  The test gauges are 8, 10 and 12 ends per inch.    We use this packing needles to  weave in and out of some tight spaces.  The eye can easily accommodate an 3/8" wide ribbon or piece of fabric.  

We have included the option to combine a single packing needle with our new Sett Checker tool.  The birch sett checker is a great tool for imagining how your warp yarn will look all warped up on your loom.  This 5” x 1” tool has three built in sett options…….8, 10 and 12 ends per inch (epi). This allows you to quickly compare one sett with another.  This is made in our Houston, Texas studio workshop with wood purchased from a local vendor.

Packing needles are available as a single needle or a package including a needle and sett checker.  

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