Bracelet Loom


This lightweight and portable loom is made of 1/8" birch or maple wood, and measures approximately 8” x 2.75" with a weaving space of 7" x 2 3/8".  The finished bracelet size can measure up to 7” x 2 3/8". These dimensions should accommodate most wrist sizes but the length may be extended with the use of jewelry findings such as additional jump rings or a chain. 

The looms are available in setts of 10 e.p.i. (ends per inch) and 12 e.p.i. In the options below, the sett = size.  These two setts make it ideal to work with a finer weight yarn or luxurious threads. To work with a bulkier weight yarn, the user may warp every other prong for a sett of 5 e.p.i or 6 e.p.i.

 Bracelet Loom Package Includes:

  • step-by-step photo instructions
  • metal tapestry needle
  • 2” weaving comb
  • cotton carrying bag

 Additional Tools & Materials Required:

  • scissors
  • yarn and/or thread
  • clips or tape to secure warp threads
  • jewelry hardware for finishing (jump rings, clasps, findings)

New to this and want to avoid searching for jewelry hardware and findings, such as jump rings, clasps, ribbon crimp ends?  Check out our Bracelet Loom with Findings to help you get started more quickly.  

We also carry additional wood and metal findings options!

Don't forget to check out our how to video!

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    The materials for these looms are sourced in Houston, Texas whenever possible or with North American suppliers.  The looms are produced in our Houston, Texas studio workshop where they are laser cut, assembled, hand sanded and finished with a water based protective coating.

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