Weaving Combs


Our weaving combs are the perfect portable accessory to accommodate our Stash Blaster® Wee Weaver  and Swatch Maker 3-in-1 looms. They come in solid maple and are approximately 1/8" thick.   The weaving combs are laser cut and may have some scorch marks  The wood may have variations.  They are available in three sizes:

- 2" Wee (approximately 2" x 1") - ideal for Wee Weaver 

- 3" (approximately 3" x 1.5") - ideal for all looms

- 4" (approximately 4" x 2") - may be more suitable for placemat size loom

Check out our Weaving Accessory Bundles, too!

The materials for these weaving combs are all purchased in Houston, Texas.  The combs are made and finished in our Houston studio.  Purl & Loop pays all staff a living wage.  

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